Artist’s Talks at First Light

"Buddhist Monk. Bagan, Myanmar (Burma). 2008" By Seth Butler

First Light Studios is pleased to announce two up-coming artist’s talks by photographer Seth Butler.


Butler, whose show “Tattered” is currently on display at the First Light gallery, will discuss his overall approach to photography in the vein of the social landscape. Along with thoughts on Buddhism in the current political climate of Myanmar (Burma), Butler’s talk will include topics of working with photography in long-form narrative, finding photographic subjects, overall composition, color harmony and methods for working with available light. Along with Momenta Workshops, Butler has co-instructed and lead photography workshops to Myanmar (Burma) on several occasion during the last three years.

This artist talk will take place Saturday, September 25 at 2 p.m. in the gallery.


A discussion of Butler’s influences in the history of the photographic medium. This will include a review of noted documentary photographers and their work in the interest of creating a dialog for positive social change. Butler will also discuss his recent teaching work in the interest of pairing photographers with non-profit organizations to create an expanding marketplace in the context of a shrinking journalism & editorial news market.

This artist talk will take place Sunday, October 3 at 2 p.m. in the gallery.

And, of course, don’t miss ‘Tattered’

Tattered is Seth Butler’s documentary photo essay investigating the principle identity, misuse, commodification and desecration of the American flag in the context of the U.S. Flag Code. From Ground Zero to Iwo Jima to the surface of the moon, the American flag stands as the most ubiquitous, evocative, and complex symbol of America’s self–image. World events have recently led to a surge in public display—and desecration—of the flag, and redoubled interest in the nation’s psychology. If we are searching for who we are, America, we can find no better point of focus than our own Stars and Stripes.

The exhibition benefits The Veteran’s Place Inc., a transitional housing facility combined with assistive services for Homeless Veterans within Central Vermont. Twenty percent of all gross sales from the exhibition and one hundred percent of proceeds from a print raffle will be donated to he Veteran’s Place Inc.

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